Ultimate Fitness Web Site Design Simulation

You have been chosen to create a new website for Ultimate Fitness.  Some background information regarding Ultimate Fitness is provided on page 9.  Familiarize yourself with the company information.

The goals of the Ultimate Fitness web site are provided on page 22.  Familiarize yourself with the website goals.

A flowchart depicting the web site navigation is provided on page 23.  You will use this flowchart when creating your navigation for the web site.

Review the web site design rules provided on pages 26 through 32.  The only rule you should NOT follow is Rule 6 since new CSS techniques are available and can be used for placement instead of tables for some areas of your web site.

You will not be provided any graphics or color scheme.  You will be responsible for creating a logo for Ultimate Fitness as well as determining the color scheme that will be used throughout the website.  Use only two to six main colors in your color scheme.  Provide the hexadecimal values for the colors in your color scheme.  If you do not know how to do this, please ask me.  Use Adobe Photoshop to create a logo for Ultimate Fitness.  This logo will be used throughout all the pages for the web site.

Using examples from the Internet or from pages 42 and 43, create a paper sketch  of the navigation and structure of the Ultimate Fitness Website.  Be sure to submit your sketch upon completion of the website.

Create folder named UltimateFitness.  Within that folder, create a folder named images in which you will store all images used on your website.  Remember to save the home page of the Ultimate Fitness website index.html and be sure it is saved in the UltimateFitness folder.

After designing your logo and determining your color scheme, create a home page for the Ultimate Fitness web site.  Be sure to  include the necessary  information from pages 65 – 69. Using the information on pages 72 – 115, create the remaining pages of your website.  Be sure to use appropriate graphics throughout your web site.

Review the Final Web Site Checklist on page 118.  Does your Ultimate Fitness Web Site meet all those criteria?


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