Digital Design Advisory Committee

2013-2014 Digital Design Advisory Committee

    • Randy Atkins, Alva High School Principal
    • Cindy Baker, Waynoka Public Schools Counselor
    • Chris Eckhardt, Alva High School Teacher
    • Tanya Phillips, Alva Middle School Teacher
    • Traci Schwerdtfeger, Northwest Oklahoma Postsecondary Consortium Director
    • Ron Sunderland, Principal
    • Sonja Williams, Parent
    • EmmaRae Cook, AHS Student (second year)
    • Connor Cummings, AHS Student (second year)
    • Sarah Hatfield, AHS Student (first year)
    • Matthew Martin, AHS Student (third year)
    • Traci Owen, AHS Student (first year)
    • Emily Seal, AHS Student (first year)

Purpose and Role of the Advisory Committee

The specific purposes of an advisory committee are to advise, counsel and assist in the planning, development and evaluation of a school system’s vocational educational programs.  It is a necessary tool if interaction between the community and the school system is to take place.

The committee’s role is purely advisory in nature—not administrative or policy making.  Their function is to advise and assist in program planning, not to establish or direct policy.

Advisory Committee Rationale

An advisory committee is organized to advise educators on the world of work.  The advisory committee is composed of a group of persons outside the educational field with specific occupational knowledge and expertise as well as persons within the educational field such as past and current students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

The committees are important to the establishment and maintenance of up-to-date educational programs.  Changes in technology, business, industry and government have increased the need for effective communication between education and the world of work.

An advisory committee of interested, competent and concerned citizens is the most productive and effective method of involving the community in education.  It is a vital link between vocational education and the community it serves.

Organizational Goals
Committee members should familiarize themselves with the school’s organizational goals which guide its operation.  As an advisory committee, your awareness of these goals is important as you review and offer suggestions for the improvement and growth of the institution.

Northwest Tech’s Mission:  Preparing for success in education, careers, and life.

November 1, 2013 Meeting Agenda

  • Overview of Digital Design Program
    • Cluster and career majors
    • Enrollment options
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Curriculum
    • Instructor Resources
    • Student Resources
    • Typical weekly/daily activities
  • Industry Credentialing and Certifications
  • Cooperative Alliance Agreements
  • Program Direction
  • General Discussion and Input
  • Adjournment

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