I am the instructor of the Digital Design class that is offered at the Northwest Technology Center in Alva, Oklahoma.  This is my 14th year to teach at Northwest Tech.  I taught six year in Burlington, Oklahoma, and four years in Protection, Kansas, before that.  So…. I’ve been at this a while!  But one thing about my subject area… I never get bored!  It is constantly changing with many thanks to Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe corporations!

This is the first year for Mac computers to be available to students at the Northwest Tech Alva Campus.  We have an awesome setup this year in Digital Design.  Each student workstation has a 27″ iMac computer with an additional 27″ Thunderbolt display which allows students to work seamlessly in a dual monitor system.  Students also have access to a wireless Apple keyboard, Apple  Magic Trackpad, and Apple Magic Mouse.  To top all that off, each student also has a Wacom Intuos 4 medium pen tablet at their computer station!  It is a designer’s dream!  I even have the following quote above the entry door to my classroom:  “To all who enter this happy place, Welcome!”

If you have questions about my class or blog, please feel free to email me at tfrascht@nwtech.edu.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Frascht


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