Students are nominated for National Technical Honor Society based on their attendance, grades, work ethic, and leadership qualities.  Some students have a good work ethic and grades but had too many absences to qualify.  Some have good attendance but do not have good work habits (such as texting excessively, not working on assigned work, not having qualify blog entries, etc.).

Congratulations to the following students for being selected into the 2014 Northwest Tech National Technical Honor Society:

  • Tanner B.
  • EmmaRae C.
  • Connor C.
  • Lillie F.
  • Taylor H.
  • Sarah H.
  • Colby H.
  • Kramer L.
  • Brianna L.
  • Lane M.
  • Matt M.
  • Gagan M.
  • Traci O.
  • Aaron P.
  • Logan R.
  • Nicole V.
  • Conner W.

The induction ceremony will be held, Monday, May 5, at 7 pm.  Mrs. Koehn will be providing more information at a later date.

Congratulations to those selected!