Email me a detailed description of your goals for the week.  If you need help determining your goals for the week, please ask me.

If you will be absent for any reason this week, complete a Leave Request PRIOR TO your absence!

Be sure to create a blog post for each day regardless of whether you were here that day.  Do not combine posts into multiple days.

Good news for today…. after this week you have no class on Fridays…. except for May 23rd!

Congratulations to Lillie for completing the Graphic Design Specialist Career Major!  Today is Lillie’s last day!

Lillie – Create a letter to me which includes the following:

  • first paragraph – why you took this class, expectations you had, and whether or not those expectations were met
  • second paragraph – what you liked best about the class as well as what you liked least about the class and ideas for changes or improvements that could be made for future students
  • third paragraph – your future plans such as what you will be doing next year as well as what your plans are upon high school graduation and how what you learned or experienced in this class may impact or be utilized in your future plans