**Email me a detailed description of your goals for the week. If you did not add new Lynda.com ASSIGNMENTS to your website (not just your blog entries) during the last two weeks, you will not be allowed project days this week.  Also, if you have links that do not work on your website, you will not be allowed project days this week.**  If you need help determining your goals for the week, please ask me.

If you will be absent for any reason this week, complete a Leave Request PRIOR TO your absence!

High school students grades are available on the grades website (www.nwtech.edu/tfrascht/grades/yourloginname/).

Second and third year students and all day adult students will need to complete an online and print portfolio  by the end of the semester (or by the career major completion date for adults). Please ask me what the requirements are for your online portfolios.  Also check out “How students can get an advantage using Behance“.

Some upcoming dates to keep in mind:

April 11 – No Class
April 18 – No Class
April 25 – No Class
May 2 – No Class
May 9 – No Class
May 16 – No Class
May 26 – No Class
May 28 – Last Day of School!


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