Be sure to email me your detailed goals for the week.  You will NOT attend the Career Center on Wednesday.  We have school each day this week.  Next week is spring break (March 17 – 21).  If you will be gone for any reason this week, please complete a leave request.  Also… be sure to give detailed blog entries if you want full credit!

Mrs. Koehn wants to meet with the following students today in Room A (Math Room)

  • 9:30 am – EmmaRae
  • 1:45 pm – Traci and Conner W
  • 2:30 pm – Matt and Taylor

On Tuesday morning group photos will be taken at AHS (all groups except sports and FFA).  If you are a morning student and a member of any of the following, please send me an email telling me which groups you are in:

  • Key Club
  • Le Club
  • Art
  • Speech
  • All vocal groups
  • Band
  • TSA
  • Honor Society
  • Freshman & sophomore class & officer pictures
  • Jr & Sr class & officer pictures will be taken after 3rd hour.
  • any other school organization not listed besides FFA and sports

I will be leaving around 2:00 pm.  Mrs. Meyer will watch you for the remainder of the day today.  Mrs. Rackley will be my sub on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I should be back in class on Thursday!