Be sure to complete blog posts for each day… even if you are absent (school related or not).

Be sure to send me a detailed description of your project if you are not working on assignments today.  You must have your website UPDATED with ALL assignments you have completed or partially competed (put “in progress” next to it) before you can work on a project.  If your website is not up-to-date with all assignments as well as your blog having links to all assignments and projects on the “Assignments” and “Projects” pages, you cannot work on a project.

Need ideas for projects today?  Check out the “20 best Illustrator tutorials” from Digital Arts.  Or… you could try some of the “50 free Photoshop actions to create stunning effects” by Creative Bloq.

Next time you are trying to determine a color scheme for a project or website, check out “The 28 best tools for choosing a color scheme” by CreativeBloq.