If you are not working on Lynda.com lessons today, email me a detailed description of the project you wish to work on.

Are you a doodler?  Check out the Doodle for Google contest where the winner receives a $30,000 scholarship!!

EmmaRae, Lane, Traci, Taylor, and Matt — I do need you to take an NOC form home for a parent or guardian to sign in addition to the enrollment form that you and I sign.  Please ask me for the parent/guardian permission form!

EmmaRae, Conner W., and Matt will take state BPA tests in Career Center.

The Health Career students will be hosting a blood drive on Monday Feb. 10th in the Large Bay at other end of building. OBI will be here today to give a presentation about the blood drive. The presentation will be at 10:20 am and 12:30 pm in the Seminar Room. If you are interesting in donating blood, please have attend the presentation and sign up. Mrs. Meyer has the release forms for the parents to sign if you are under 16. If you have any questions please ask Mrs. Meyer.