Email me your detailed goals for the week.  Be sure to include the course as well as the lessons within the course you plan on completing.

EmmaRae, Conner W., and Matt will be taking the BPA online test on Wednesday.

If you have Brainbench certifications left to earn this semester, please take the tests as soon as possible.  I have a list of your certifications you have earned as well as those left to earn on your online grades website.  If you do not know how to view that website, please ask me.

Those students who are wanting to enroll for Northern Oklahoma College credit this semester, please get the necessary paperwork from me today.  The paperwork and fees (check made out to NOC) will be due back to me by this Friday!

If you would like to have the poster of you in the hallway, please take it down by Wednesday.   I will keep all posters of my students that are not removed by Wednesday.

You should receive an automated call from our SchoolReach notification system.  If you are a morning student, you may want to check with the front office to be sure they have your correct phone number.  School cancellation or delayed start times will be posted on the school Facebook page ( and the school website ( unless for some reason internet access is not available for those website postings to be made.

I need time sheets from Zariah, Taylor, and Emily for last week.

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