Email me your goals for the week.  You will attend the Career Center on Wednesday.  If you are not sure what to work on, please ask me.  Your goals need to include the training title as well the chapters within the training you will be working on.  Be sure to include any projects you plan on working on as well.

Nicole and Aaron P. — please visit with me about getting started on your website.

Second year students — You need to select one of the BPA contest events that you wish to enter.  If you need help selecting an event, please ask me.

All students — Be sure to read the entire blog post each day, even if you are absent a day.  On Friday’s blog post I included:

Check out “12 great free camera apps” by CreativeBloq.  Include in your blog post today if you have used any of the apps listed and if so what you liked or didn’t like about them.

That assignment was worth 10 points.  If you did not include any information in your blog post Friday regarding those apps, you received a zero for that assignment.

Quote:  In this life, it’s not what you hope for, it’s not what you think you deserve, it’s what you go and get. ~ Wise Man Jase