Wow!  What a great job you have done with the letters that have been submitted!  Love the creative letterheads as well as the thought and effort put into composing the letter.  I am looking forward to receiving letters from those of you who have not completed the letter yet.

For students with 5 or fewer absences who do not have to come to class on Thursday and Friday, be sure to submit your time management form today along with the list of what you completed this week.  Be sure you have completed, printed, signed, and submitted your letter to me that I assigned on Monday.

The first day of class next semester will be on Monday, January 6, 2014.  See you then! If for some reason you are not taking my class next semester, please let me know so I can have you complete the necessary paperwork for our school.

What is a good use for Adobe Illustrator?  Check out the “30 Modern Examples of Cubism Style in Digital Art” by Spoon Graphics.

Check out more projects completed yesterday..