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Project for the Northwest Center for Behavioral Health

Ms. Tandy Keenan is the Prevention Resource Development Coordinator/Prevention Director for the Northwest Center for Behavorial Health/ODMHSAS in Woodward.  She currently has a brochure explaining the Social Host law in Oklahoma that holds the property owner, lease-holder, or other responsible party for knowingly allowing alcohol to be consumed by a minor (other than his or her own children) on his or her property.  She wanted to know if I have any creative students who are interested in designing a brochure, posters, or other media including video which would but some “pizzaz” into their information.  Their goal is design some advertising that can be used during peak times (some holidays, proms, New Year’s, etc.) of drinking and driving and underage drinking that often lead to drinking and driving and other negative consequences.

You can download the current brochure that can be used for information:  SocialHostBrochure.  You have many options for the format to provide her.  You can create 11″ x 17″ or 13″ x 19″ posters (the 13″ x 19″ would be on photo paper when we print), tri-fold brochures, flyers, graphic that could be used on Facebook post, short video clip, etc.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please ask me!  She didn’t provide a deadline but I’m sure she would like it as soon as possible with the holidays approaching!

Job Opportunity 

Check out the Digital Design Facebook page for a job opportunity at a local business.  Do you have some of the desired skills for the position?