Be sure to submit your time sheets along with a list of the assignments and/or projects you completed this week.

If you are presenting on Monday and Tuesday mornings, please create a blog entry with links to your blog posts with your favorite work (open each link in a new window so it can be closed) or samples of the before and after of your favorite work.  If you have a classmate that you want to display something of theirs, create a link for that as well.

If you are not presenting next week, you should prepare a blog entry with links to your favorite work or projects…. you never know when I might call upon you to share with the visitors so please be prepared!

If you are going to be helping me next Monday and Tuesday, please email me your cell phone number.  I want to be able to notify you in case tours are cancelled so that you will know to attend your regular classes.  I don’t want anyone getting in trouble for not being in class due to miscommunication.

Many of you have completed some cool projects this week!  Way to apply what you have learned!

The following are some projects and/or work from the week: