If you are frequently texting, surfing the net, getting on Facebook, etc., your daily work habits grade will be lowered. Don’t let your texting habits lower your grade from an A to a B or C.  Also, be sure to include before and after links or screen shots in your blog entries.  You need to describe the tools and techniques you used.  Some of you are not going into much detail about the tools and techniques.  This week I will not be giving you full credit for the blog entry if you just say something like “I used the brush and crop tools” for the description of the work for a day.  I expect your blog entries to be more than one or two sentences.  Use correct grammar and punctuation as well.  It is not my intention to make the class extremely difficult but I do expect some effort and work from each of you.  For those who stay on task and submit good blog entries…. keep up the great work!  I appreciate your effort!  For those who haven’t been putting out much effort… kick it up a gear or two or three.

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