Be sure to email me your detailed goals for the week (after reading this entire blog post).  If you do not provide the name of the course as well as the chapter or lesson numbers you will not receive full credit for the goals.  On Friday we have Advisory Committee meetings from 11:30 am until about 1 pm.  Afternoon students will not report to class before 1 pm on Friday.  The Superintendent’s Leadership Class will meet this week.  First year students have an activity on Wednesday.  Second year students have an activity on Thursday.  You will not have ACC on Wednesday unless I tell you otherwise.

Since Thursday is Halloween, if you would you to work on a photo manipulation project for Halloween you may. You must use Adobe Photoshop to edit a photo of yourself.  You can use a photo of your own or I can provide you with a photo I have taken.

If you need some inspiration, check out the following links to tutorials:

The tutorials will probably not be step-by-step and will require some critical thinking and trouble shooting on your part to complete the project.

You can view Mrs. Schanbacher’s example photos at  And.. you can view Mrs. Long’s example photo at  You will be using Adobe Photoshop for your project (not PicMonkey or any other software or online resources).

This project is OPTIONAL and not required.  If you wish to work on it you may, if you can’t come up with an idea or do not want to work on it then you may continue working on assignments.

I will be gone on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mr. (or Mrs.) Jakubek will be my sub on Tuesday and Mrs. Mitchel will be my sub on Wednesday.  If you do not know what to work on while I’m gone, please ask me today!!