Mrs. Jakubek will be my substitute today.  Be sure to let her know when you are taking a break (for those who get breaks).

Be sure to check your email each day.

Continue working on the poster design if you have not yet completed it.  When finished be sure to describe in your blog entry the tools and techniques you used to create the design.  If you didn’t get the logo from me yesterday you will have to wait until tomorrow or get it through airdrop from a classmate.

If you are going to be gone on Friday for any reason, be sure to submit your timesheet and list of what you have completed this week.

Lane, Emily, and Tanner – I forgot to give you the time sheets from last week while you were in class.  I have placed them in your Professional Development Planner binders in the Time Sheet section.

Quote: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~ Leonardo da Vinci