If you were not able to email me or post a blog entry yesterday due to the Internet being down, please do so today.

I need everyone to email me one or two short sentences that answers the following: “What is your favorite thing about attending Northwest Tech?” Use the word “quote” in the subject line of your email to me.  Mrs. Barton may use these on posters to be put in the hallways during student tours; so put some thought into it please! Also, Mrs. Barton will be taking photos on Friday that will be used for the posters.  Mrs. Barton requested “I would like all of the students to wear their school colors, football jersey, letter jacket, cheerleading uniform, band jacket, etc…if they have one.  If not, a school t-shirt will work just fine! “.  You could wear your NW Tech t-shirt if you have one!

Do I have any volunteers to speak in a video? You would just need to describe what you have learned or what you like about attending Digital Design.  I will video periodically over the next few days.  The video may be used as a promotional video for my class as well as NW Tech.

Good luck to Macy Starks this week as she competes in the Miss Cinderella pageant!

Congratulations to Traci Owen for being named AHS Student of the Month!

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