Be sure to “categorize” all you blog post entries!  If you don’t know what that means…. better ask me.  And you should have more than one category available for your different types of posts (assignment, Photoshop, projects, Career Center, etc.).

In today’s blog post, provide links or add the images for two of your favorite assignments or projects you have created to this point.  One of them may be the same as what you submitted in the past but they be two new favorites as well.

If you have added newly completed assignments to your website this week, you may use today as a project day IF you send me an email description of what you want to work on within the first 5 minutes of class.  You may work on poster designs, t-shirt designs (no free t-shirts today unless you didn’t get to make yours last week), drawing, editing your own photos, etc.

After you clock out today, be sure to submit your timesheet.  You should staple the assignments and/or projects pages of your website to the timesheet with the work you completed this week circled.  If you have questions, please ask.  Your assignment and projects pages on your blog should be updated as well.

Quote:  Don’t expect to see positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people.