First off… you have a pop quiz today.  Watch the video posted on this page.  Then include in your blog post for today a section entitled “Projects Mighty and Napoleon”.  In the blog post give me a description of how those two items may be  used and who created the items.  Be very specific.

Tomorrow will be a project day for those who have added new work to their website this week.  If you wish to create a design for a t-shirt, I will provide a white or light grey t-shirt.  You must create a unique design though.  I will not let you just get a piece of clipart or an image off the internet to put on a t-shirt.  You can incorporate the clipart or image into a design but it cannot be the total design.  If you want some design inspiration ideas, check out the links on the Digital Design class “T-shirt design info and samples” board on Pinterest.  If the Barracuda web filter is blocking you from Pinterest, ask me for the username and password.  You may actually work on your design today but we will not actually make the shirts until tomorrow.  Another idea for clothing items that can use iron-on transfer designs is socks.  Check out Lora’s design (student in Computer and Business Technology”.  You would need to bring a new pair of unwashed socks.  If you wish to bring your own white or light grey t-shirt it must be new and unwashed.  You may download fonts from if you want to use a font that is not already installed on your computer.  Please ask me for help installing the font.

Congratulations to the following students for earning Brainbench certifications:

  • Lillie – Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and CS
  • Lillie – Adobe Photoshop CS5

Want to see what other technology center students are working on?  Check out the website project completed by a student at Francis Tuttle Rockwell Campus –

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