On Tuesday I included the following on my blog announcement:

Please add the graphics representing the Brainbench certifications you have earned to the About page of your blog.  To download the graphics, you will need to log in to the Brainbench testing site as if you are taking an exam.  Instead of clicking on “Take a test” you will click on “Build my transcript”.  Then click on “Current Brainbench certifications”. Click on the selection box in the “Public” column to make the certifications public. Be sure the “yes” button is selected under the “Would you like to make your transcript public?”.  Then click on “Save and View Transcript”.  You can then right-click and save the images to your folder on the desktop.  You may even want to create a Brainbench folder in which to store the images to keep your file storage cleaner.  You can then add the images to your About page in a Brainbench Certifications section.  While your transcript is displayed in the browser, email me your transcript # that is provided in the top left corner.  If you need help, please ask.

If you have not completed that yet, please do so today.  If you need help, please ask.

Be sure you have a home page on your blog with your daily blog entries as well as the About page, Assignments page, and Projects page.  Your assignments and projects should be posted on your blog pages.  You should be able to just copy and paste that information from your website (not Dreamweaver but Safari).  If you need help, please let me know.

Today is the deadline for SLC applications and materials.

If you have posted your work which you completed this week on your website and blog, you may use today as a project day.  You must email me at the beginning of class with a description of what you will be working on.  Surfing the web is not an approved project.  If you have questions, please ask.  Examples of projects include drawing (give summary of planned sketch), 11 x 17 poster, beverage insulator, or buttons.

If you are looking for some different or cool fonts, check out dafont.com.  After you select a font, I can show you how to download and install it.

Be sure to submit a listing of the work you completed this week (and posted on website) to your time management form before submitting at the end of class.

Quote:  Enjoy your life without comparing it to others.