Be sure to email me your goals for the week.  Be sure to check your email to see if I told you what your goals will be this week.

Students will begin attending the Career Center with Mrs. McClure on Wednesdays.  The schedule is shown below:

  • 8:25 – 9:15 am – EmmaRae and Jacoby
  • 9:25 – 10:15 am – Lillie, Niki, Shivan, Kramer, Brianna, and Aaron
  • 12:40 – 1:30 pm – Conner, Macy, Colby, Tanner, Lane, Traci, and Sarah
  • 2:10 – 3:00 pm – Logan and Emily
  • 2:35 – 3:25 pm – Zariah, Morgan, Connor, Gagan, Matt, and Taylor

Returning students may not need to attend the Career Center each week.

If you have not earned all three Brainbench certifications listed below, please take the exams again this week:

  • Computer Fundamentals (Mac OS X 10.4)
  • Computer Fundamentals (Win 7)
  • Computer Literacy (Windows 7)

Please add the graphics representing the Brainbench certifications you have earned to the About page of your blog.  To download the graphics, you will need to log in to the Brainbench testing site as if you are taking an exam.  Instead of clicking on “Take a test” you will click on “Build my transcript”.  Then click on “Current Brainbench certifications”. Click on the selection box in the “Public” column to make the certifications public. Be sure the “yes” button is selected under the “Would you like to make your transcript public?”.  Then click on “Save and View Transcript”.  You can then right-click and save the images to your folder on the desktop.  You may even want to create a Brainbench folder in which to store the images to keep your file storage cleaner.  You can then add the images to your About page in a Brainbench Certifications section.  While your transcript is displayed in the browser, email me your transcript # that is provided in the top left corner.  If you need help, please ask.

Reminder… SLC applications and references are due this Friday!

It is always good to explore free resources.  Check out these two articles related to free tools for graphic and web designers:

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