Popcorn will be available in the break area at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm if you would like to have a break at that time.

Alva High students will be dismissed at 10:40 am this morning to go to AHS for an assembly in the auditorium.

Starting next Friday (not today), I will let you have “project days” occasionally.  You will be able to work on graphic design or web design projects of your choice if you email me with a plan for your project.  So next week be thinking about what you will want to do on Friday.

If you have not taken at least one of the Brainbench tests I listed on yesterday’s blog post, you need to take one today.  If you need help logging in and starting the test, please ask me.

You will need to submit your time sheets today.  You will need to list (or provide a printout)  all the assignments you completed this week.  You will attach that information to your time sheet before placing it in the tray.  Ask me for more details regarding this before you submit your time sheet.

Otha Grimes Scholarships

This scholarship is usually offered twice a year to students who might not qualify for other financial aid.

Scholarships are to be used for expenses that directly relate to a student attending a technology center class. Allowable expenses include: tuition, books, uniforms, conference registration fees, school supplies, childcare, if not paid by another source, and travel expenses.

Applications for the Otha Grimes scholarship may be downloaded in the following formats:

The deadline for applying for the Otha Grimes Scholarship is Friday, August 30th! For more information about the Otha Grimes scholarship, please contact Karen Koehn, Counselor.

Quote:  TGIF!  Thank Goodness It’s Friday!   Have a great weekend!