Did you clock in?  If not, let me know so I can show you how!

This is probably not going to be your typical class.  Hopefully you all will gain a wealth of knowledge throughout the year.  This is not a lecture-based class.  Assignments will be given and you will be provided guidance throughout the year; however, the old saying “you get out of it what you put into it” is very true in this class.  Hopefully you will get a lot out of it!  Be sure to ask if you have questions!  No one knows everything and this is especially true in the world of technology!  You will hear me say “did you Google it” many times during your time in my class.  Technology changes very quickly and no one single book or website can have all the answers so we will use a wide variety of resources to help you gain knowledge in the areas of graphic and web design as well as basic computer literacy and digital citizenship.

To get us started, I would like each of you to introduce yourself to the class.  High school students need to state your first and last name, grade level, which high school you attend, which activities you are involved, and which hours you will be attending this class.  Adult students need to state your name, which town you live in, if you are an all day or half-day student, and briefly where you are taking the class.

Today cookies will be available in the break area around 9:30 am and 1:30 pm if you are here during that time.  You just can’t bring the cookies back to class!

The following is a list of things I would like you to accomplish in the next several days:

  • Adult students need to complete the Student Information Form and Computer Experience Survey. Both are available from the menu at the top of my blog.
  • High School students need to complete the Student Information Form, Computer Experience Survey and the High School Schedule.  All are available from the menu at the top of my blog.
  • Check your email and send me an email with your five favorite quotes.
  • You will create a folder for your work on your computer desktop.   Use your first and last name as the name of the folder.
  • Create a letter in personal business format (I have emailed you an example).  In the first paragraph you will provide me with some basic information about you; such as high school, grade level, parent or guardian names, hobbies (be sure to include art or drawing if it applies to you), school activities, etc. as well as if you are currently employed. In the second paragraph you will tell me what computer and work experience you have; specifically what type of computers and software you have used.  In the third paragraph you will tell me what your future plans are (in the next couple of years and then within the next ten years) and what you expect to gain from this class that you can apply in the future.
  • Take a photo of yourself using the Photo Booth.  Right click on the photo, export it,  and store it in your folder on the desktop.  Then send me an email with that photo as an attachment.
  • Create a front cover for your Professional Development Planner.  You may use MS Word to design the cover.  (Later you can use Photoshop if you wish.) Include a QR code  on the front cover you design for your Professional Development Planner.  The QR code will direct people to your blog.  One resource you may use for the QR code is qrstuff.com.
  • You will create a blog using WordPress.com.  The first page or home page of your blog will include your daily posts.  Create additional pages for About Me, Assignments, Projects, and Favorite Work.  You will be adding to the pages as you complete assignments and projects during the year.  Returning students, check with me to discuss whether you will continue with last year’s blog or start a new blog.  I have some training options listed below that will help with setting up your WordPress blog.
  • Create a blog entry titled “3 Truths and 1 Lie”.  List three “truths” about yourself and 1 “lie”.  You will present these 4 pieces of information to the class.  We will try to guess which is the lie.  Remember that your blog is public so be sure to use acceptable information and not personal information in the blog entry.
  • Ask me for help installing and setting up Dropbox on your computer. You will use Dropbox to backup important files that you have saved on your computer.

If you have completed all of that, it is time to start a little training on the Mac environment.  I will show you how to log in to the Lynda.com online training.  Unless you have extensive experience with the Mac and can demonstrate all the skills required, I want you to complete the video training from a couple of courses.  If you think you can demonstrate all those skills, let me know and we’ll discuss it.  And… there is an “extension cable” for the headphone jack so you don’t have to turn the monitor around each day to plug in your headphones.

I want you to complete the following online training from the Mac OS Lion Essential Training: 

  1. Ch 2 Getting Familiar with the Interface
    Touring the Finder
    Launching and working with apps
    Sorting and starting apps with Launchpad
    Organizing workspaces with Mission Control
    Using trackpad gestures
    Using mouse gestures
    Understanding file saving in Lion
  2. Ch 9 Safari
    Navigating the web
    Working with bookmarks
    Using Reading List

After completing those lessons, type a short summary using MS Word of what you learned.  You will later be posting this summary on your blog (once it is created).

I want you to complete the following online training from the Switching from Windows to Mac: 

  1. Introduction
    Demystifying the Mac
    Adjusting to the new Mac terminology
  2. Ch 1 – Navigating the Mac
    Basics of the Mac keyboard
    Using the Mac mouse
    The basics of gestures
  3. Ch 2 – The Mac Interface
    Exploring the desktop
    Accessing the OS tasks from the Apple menu
    Using the Dock to create shortcuts to tasks
    Managing widgets on the Dashboard
    Controlling Mac windows
    Working with various disks on the Mac
  4. Ch 3 – Working with Files and Folders on the Mac
    Previewing files with Quick Look
    Accessing and moving files with Finder
    Working with icons on the Mac
    Deleting and rescuing files in the Trash

After completing those lessons, type a short summary using MS Word of what you learned.  You will later be posting this summary on your blog (once it is created).

If you have extensive Mac knowledge already, visit with me.

After learning about the Mac environment you will be ready to start your WordPress blog. I want you to complete the following Lynda.com course –  WordPress.com Essential Training – if you are a new WordPress user: 

  1. Ch 1 – Getting to Know WordPress
    What is WordPress?
  2. Ch 2 – Getting Started with WordPress.com
    Setting up an account
    Setting up a new blog or web site
    Navigating the WordPress.com back end
  3. Ch 3 – Building a Profile
    Editing your Profile
    Modifying personal settings
  4. Ch 4 – Creating Posts
    Understanding the difference between posts and pages
    Creating a new post
    Creating and managing links
    Adding images and other media content
    Adding categories, tags, post formats, excerpts, and other elements
    Publishing a post
  5. Ch 5 – Creating Pages
    Creating a basic page
    Organizing page hierarchy
    Creating a contact page with a contact form
  6. Ch 6 – The Appearance Tab
    Selecting a theme
    Using page templates
    Using widgets
    Creating custom menus

Wow…. is that enough work for now?  If you have completed all that, let me know and I’ll get you started on something else!

Quote:  It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.