Let me know asap if there are errors in the information I emailed you.  I will be using that information during the awards assembly next Wednesday.

I have or will email each of you individually with the following information:

  • Brainbench certifications earned this year
  • Total number of Brainbench certifications earned during all years in my class (for returning students)
  • WorkKeys certification level (highest achieved)
  • Total number of college credit hours earned through NOC
  • membership participation in students organizations (SLC, NTHS, BPA)

Seniors — please send me an email telling me what your plans are for next year (example:  go to NWOSU and major in Business Administration).

You should have completed the following before you leave today:

  • 20 samples of work in your professional development planner
  • cover letter, resume, job application, and post-interview letter in professional development planner
  • guest blog post

You will need to complete the 11 x 14 poster or artwork or photo for the wall for me by next Friday.  You will also have to write me a letter with specific information included in it by next Friday.  I will give you the details Monday.  I will post some of your “guest blog posts” on my blog starting on Monday.  You will have to make a short presentation about your blog post.

Important events next week include:

  • May 15 – Wednesday – Awards Assembly starting at 9 am.  Class photos immediately after the awards assembly.
  • May 17 – Friday – AHS Goldbug Olympics and Talent Show.  Be sure to submit a leave request if you will not be in my class that day.

Be sure to submit your time sheet after you clock out today.  Be sure you have posted all your completed work on your website.

Thank you to all who donated blood yesterday!

Quote:  Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. ~ James Baldwin