Alva Middle School 8th Graders:

Welcome!  Hope you enjoy your day with us!

Digital Design Students:

Be sure to email me your goals for the week.  If you are working on the “Starting Your Own Business” project, you will need to complete at least the business card, letterhead, and envelope this week.  For specific details visit the “Student Projects” page of this blog which is under Links.  If you are working on tutorials, be VERY specific as to which you will complete this week.  If you are completing other approved projects from last week, give me a description of what you will complete this week.  A reminder to everyone, you have to add completed, assigned or approved work each week.  This doesn’t include just something you randomly decided to work on!

Reminder of upcoming events:

  • Monday – April 29 – AMS 8th grade tours – 9am – 2:30 pm
  • Tuesday – April 30 – NTHS Induction Ceremony – 7 pm
  • Wednesday – May 15 – Tentative date for NW Tech Awards Ceremony – 9 am – 12 pm
  • Thursday – May 23 – Last day of class for AHS students
  • Friday – May 24 – Last day of class for all students

National Technical Honor Society members remember to dress up Tuesday evening.  No shorts, no sweats, no t-shirts, and only nice jeans.

Congratulations to Riley and Reygan for qualifying for the state track meet!

If any Illustrator users are wanting a project, check out “How to Create a Conceptual Portrait Using the Scribble Effect in Illustrator” by Tuts+.

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