Congratulations to the following students for earning Brainbench certifications:

  • Dianna – Adobe Illustrator

Tanner is working on her mock business designs.  Check out her latest work –

Clayton has become an Adobe Illustrator and Pen tool guru… check out his latest work –

Be sure to note (or attach to) what new work you added to your website this week.  Remember you must add new work each week.  This needs to be approved lessons or projects… not just random things.  Submit your timesheet after you clock out today.  Only 4 weeks left!!

Monday (April 29) will be 8th grade tours for Alva Middle School students.  Tours will begin at 9 am.  I will have two 20 minute sessions, then a 20 minute break, and then three 20 minutes sessions before the lunch break.  Lunch break will be from 11:25 – 12:00.  I will then have two 40 minute sessions after the lunch break.  In the morning we will give an overview of the program and in the afternoon sessions we will make buttons.  Megan, Caleb, EmmaRae, and Conner W have indicated you will help all day so I need you here by 8:45 am.  Dianna will help me in the morning and Mr. Bushman in the afternoon so I need you here by 8:45 am.  Matt will just help me in the afternoon so I need you here by noon.  Mrs. Koehn is supposed to have enough lunch for the helpers.  I will add the button templates to the desktop of the trainer user in case you want to practice or refresh your memory today.  Thank you to all the helpers for assisting me once again.

Adult students will not have class on Monday afternoon so we will have plenty of room for our visitors.

National Technical Honor Society induction will be Tuesday, April 30, at 7 pm.  This is a formal event which means no shorts, no sweats, no t-shirts,  and preferably no jeans.  Arrive early — at least by 6:45 pm.  If you have questions, please ask Mrs. Koehn or me.

Do you have a favorite mouse?  Check out the article “5 innovative mice to make your design work easier” by Creative Bloq.

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