Remember to turn in your time sheet the last day of the week.  If you will not be here tomorrow, please turn it in today.  Be sure to list all new work you added to your website this week.  You must add something new each week!

Check out “40 handy Photoshop shortcuts to speed up your workflow” by Creative Bloq to see if there are some you didn’t know about.

In case the Illustrator users are interested, has a new tutorial named “Illustrator for Fashion Design: Drawing Flats“.  In this course, author Robin Schneider teaches you how to master the Pen tool, using a simplified approach so you can put your energy into designing. She walks you through drawing shirts, pants, skirts, and blazers and shows you how to maximize the power of Illustrator with Pathfinder, custom brushes and symbols, and layers for quick and easy editing. Robin also shows you how to draw and render croquis (live models) complete with facial features and hair.

If you are not comfortable using the Wacom tablet, you may want to check out the tutorial “Wacom Essential Training“.

For the web students, you may want to learn how to “Create a Sortable Photo Gallery with jQuery” which also incorporates responsive design techniques.

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