I will not be in class Monday or Tuesday.  Mrs. Jakubek will be my substitute.  I should be back Wednesday.

Since it is the time of year for severe weather, let me remind of you the “safe places” in our school.  In the event of severe weather or a tornado, the females will go to the women’s restroom just outside our door and the males will go to the men’s restroom.  If you are in the break area during a severe weather event, you will take shelter in the teacher workroom.  Do not leave our campus at any time without notifying me or if I am not here, then my substitute.

Email me your goals for the week.  You will need to work on Lynda.com lessons, MacBeth projects, starting your own business projects, Magazine covers, or other projects that I have approved.  You will not attend the Career Center this week.  If you will be gone for any school activities this week, please complete a leave request.

Quote:  The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates. ~ @WiseManPhil