Hope you enjoyed the Snow Days!  Now… back to work!

Email me your goals for the week.  You need to work on Lynda.com lessons this week, regardless if you had unfinished projects.  Don’t forget to complete the project I assigned on February 18.  The project is due before this Wednesday!  You can post the information in your blog or send me an email.  As far as I know you will attend the Career Center on Wednesday.

Congratulations to Megan, Dianna, and Matt for qualifying for state BPA contest.  Thank you for all who competed!  I will be leaving with Megan and Dianna this afternoon.  They will compete on Tuesday and awards presentation is on Wednesday. (Mrs. Jakubek will be my substitute this afternoon and all day Tuesday and Wednesday.)

If you will be missing class for any school events this week, please complete a leave request form.

Many of you know I have a Facebook page for the class – facebook.com/nwtech.web – but you may not know I now have a Twitter account – @DDClass .  Not many tweets yet, but will in the future! Also, Northwest Tech has a Facebook page – facebook.com/nwtech.edu – and a Twitter account – @NWTechCenter

Good luck to the Goldbugs and Ladybugs!

If you have questions, please email me.  I may or may not be able to respond but I will try.  If you have unfinished projects, you may be allowed to complete them when I return but work on Lynda.com lessons while I am gone.

Quote:  Stop comparing yourself with others, stop measuring you own happiness by what others have or do not have. ~ @WiseManJase