Email me your goals for the week.  You will attend the Career Center on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  We have Sophomore Tours on Wednesday so this will interrupt class for some of you that day.  In place of a quiz this week, you need to complete the “Ideal Digital Design Classroom Project” described below which will count as a quiz grade.

You need a blog post for each day we have class, regardless of whether you are present or absent.  If you miss class, make a blog post prior to your absence or when you return.

Congratulations to the Goldbugs and Lady Bugs on their wins Saturday!

Ideal Digital Design Classroom Project

What would the ideal Digital Design classroom look like?  What tools would be available to you?  What hardware would be available?  What software would be available?  What resources would be available?  Would these things be available only in the classroom or at all time?  How would new information or content be delivered to you?  How would you be evaluated on new skills? How would you store information?  How would you share what you have learned?  What would the majority of your “grade” be based on?   By Friday, February 22, make a blog post titled “The Ideal Digital Design Classroom” in which you share with me what you seriously think the ideal classroom (for student learning and professional growth within the web and graphic design fields) would consist of.  I’m expecting you to post much more than two or three sentences!!

Quote:  Failure changes for the better, success for the worse. ~ Seneca the Younger