A huge “Thank You” to all the students who helped me yesterday with the AHS Sophomore Tours!  You did awesome and I really appreciate your help!

Also a big thank you to all students for being here and working hard while I was gone on Monday and Tuesday.  Mrs. Goss said you were a great group 🙂

Please work on Lynda.com assignments or approved projects today.

We (most everyone at Northwest Tech) will be hosting Advisory Committee meetings Friday. The meetings start at 11:30 am and will last until about 1 pm.  Afternoon students do not need to come to class until 1:30 pm.  If you arrive before then, please remain in the hallway until the meeting is over and all guests have left the classroom.

In last Thursday’s blog post,  I included information about college credit and said if you were interested in receiving college credit through the cooperative alliance, please send me an email before today so I can discuss with you individually the options available for you.  If you do not email me today (no one has yet), I will assume you have no interest in college credit through my class.  The deadline for paperwork and fees ($8 per credit hour which totals $24 per individual course) is Friday, February 15, 2013, for those who are eligible. You must tell me today though if you are interested.

Remember to post all your work on your website.

Quote:  Don’t believe everything you think.