I will be gone today and tomorrow.  Mrs. Goss will be my substitute both days.

Be sure to email me your specific goals for the week.  You will need to work on Lynda.com tutorials or the New Sports Team or Super Bowl  projects.

Instead of a quiz this week, you will be graded on some special information you need to add to your blog post today.  Add screenshots of or links to at least five (5) of your favorite projects or work from this year.  If you add links, the link needs to be to the actual project or assignment, not just a link to the assignments or projects page but to the actual work.  Also include with the screen shot or link a description of why you think that is your best or favorite work.  Add a description for each of the five or more items.  Be sure to identify this section of your blog entry by adding the words “Some of my favorite work” in bold and then adding a numbered list under that with at least 5 screen shots or links.  Again, this will be your “quiz grade” for the week.  This may also be used during sophomore tours if I ask you to show your favorite work!

Run down of this week:
Monday – regular class with Mrs. Goss as substitute
Tuesday – regular class with Mrs. Goss as substitute
Wednesday – (no Career Center this week) – Alva High School Sophomore Tours – I plan on being back but if I am not then Mr. Slater will fill in for me during the tours.  Adults will not have class this day.  Afternoon students will not start working  until tours are over.
Thursday – regular class
Friday – regular class in the morning but in the afternoon class does not start until 1:30 pm due to Advisory Committee meetings at our school.

Quote:  Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ~  Malachy McCourt