Be sure to write on your timesheet (or print the assignments and/or projects pages from your website) the work you completed this week and added to your website.  Submit your timesheet after you clock out today.

I will be gone next Monday and Tuesday.  I plan on being back on Wednesday for AHS Sophomore Tours.  If I am not back, Mr. Slater will be my substitute that day!  I have visited with some of you about helping me next Wednesday.  Please don’t forget!  I’ll try to email you a reminder.  Adult students will not attend class that day.

If you have a Twitter account you may want to check out the Spoon Graphics Blog post “The Making of My New Twitter Background Design“. If you have a Facebook account you may want to check out the Creative Bloq post “Create a Facebook banner that rocks: 10 expert tips“.

Quote:  Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment.  ~ Rita Mae Brown