I will be gone today.  Mrs. Jakubek will be my substitute.  I will probably not be able to check my email during the day but if you have a question you can try emailing me and if possible I will reply.

If you are working on the “New Professional Sports Team” project I posted yesterday, the only sports you may choose from are football, basketball, baseball, or soccer.  If you have other ideas related to sports then maybe you can incorporate those ideas into the “Starting Your Own Business” project that we will start in a few weeks.

You do not have Career Center today.  Continue working on approved projects or Lynda.com tutorials.

Good luck to those of you will miss class Thursday due to the basketball games.  Don’t forget the quiz on Friday!!

Web designers — you might want to check out the Codrops blog at http://tympanus.net/codrops/ for interesting information in the web design and development field!

If you are interested in attending Northern Oklahoma College in the future, you may be interested in an opportunity available to Career Tech students at all the NOC campuses. The event is held every year at Enid, Tonkawa, and Stillwater and is called Northern Exposure.  On the designated date for each campus, student check in/registration begins at 10 am, students will receive a free t-shirt and enter to win a $400 tuition waiver at that time.  NOC staff will be doing campus tours, also have admissions, financial aid, advisors, clubs and organizations there to answer any questions students may have. NOC will be drawing 10 names to receive a $400 tuition waiver.  The event will end at 2:00 pm.  The 2013 Dates are: Tonkawa on January 31st, Enid on February 6th, and Stillwater is not yet determined.


Quote:  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.