Be sure to email me your goals for the week (read this entire post first).  Be very specific as to which training and which chapters or lessons within the training as well as details as to any approved projects such as the “New ProfessionalSports Team” project described below and on the Student Projects page .

If you will be missing class this week due to basketball, FFA, Speech or band, please complete a leave request prior to your absence!

I sent you an email last Thursday with information regarding hardware, software, and more.  You will have a quiz over the information this Friday.  The last quiz contained only True/False and Multiple Choice questions.  You might also expect some fill in the blank and/or short answer questions this week!  If you have questions or want me to explain any of the information I sent you, please ask me before Friday!

You will not attend the Career Center this week.  I will be gone all day on Wednesday.  Mrs. Jakubek will be my substitute.  I will be gone on Thursday afternoon.  Mrs. Jakubek will be my substitute then also.

If WordPress does not allow you to make a blog post at any time, please email me the information you would include in the post.

If you are looking for a new project to work on, consider the following:

New Professional Sports Team

A new professional sports team is being developed.  The owners have hired you as a graphic artist. You need to complete the following projects (using a little imagination you even get to determine the location, name, and professional sport):

  • Determine a name for the team
  • Determine a mascot for the team
  • Create a logo for the team
  • Create a promotional t-shirt design (actually have a picture of the t-shirt with the design applied to it or on it)
  • Create a design for a website home page including a navigational menu.  Take into consideration the following information a person might want to obtain from the website:  team name, logo, mascot, team players, coaches, cheerleaders, game schedules, results, ticket information, seating chart, social media such as facebook and twitter, fan information, merchandise such as apparel, employment opportunities, and news.
  • Create a poster promoting the new team as well as the team website.  Use 11″ x 17″ for the dimensions of the poster.

The only sports available to use for this project are football, basketball, baseball, or soccer. Be sure to print a copy of your completed projects related to the new professional sports team and place them in your Professional Development Planner in the Portfolio section.

Have you wondered what exactly the difference is between Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Extended, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom?  Check out the information at for information regarding those programs.

Good luck to the AHS Basketball teams tonight!

Just want to remind you of our new attendance policy this year at Northwest Tech.  After 10 absences (every three tardies and/or leave earlier counts as one absence) you may not receive credit for the semester and will not be allowed to enroll and attend the next semester.  For example, if you miss 8 days and have six tardies before the end of the year you may not receive a grade or credit for the class and you will not be able to attend my class next semester.  Adult students will not receive credit after ten absences.   If you have questions about the policy, we can visit with Mr. Slater.  We will adhere to the following procedures this year regarding attendance:

  • After the 3rd absence – I will have a conference with you.
  • After the 5th absence – Mr. Slater and I will have a conference with you.
  • After the 7th absence – Mr. Slater with have a conference with you and your parent(s) or guardian.
  • After the 9th absence for high school students – Mr. Slater and your high school principal will have a conference with you.
  • After the 10th absence – Mr. Slater will have a conference with you.  You will not be allowed to reenroll for the next semester.

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