You will continue working on your lessons today.

I have selected nine students to compete in three different events at the state BPA contest this spring.  I based the selection on Brainbench certifications, completed projects, and attendance.  If I have emailed you about competing at the state BPA contest, please let me know if you have decided to compete or not.  The deadline for registration is fast approaching.

Just a reminder of some important dates this semester:

  • Jan. 21 (next Monday) – No school – Teacher In-service (AHS does not have school either)
  • Jan. 31 – BPA state contest entries due to state office (pre-judged entries must be sent earlier)
  • Feb. 5 – 14 – BPA Online Testing open
  • Feb. 6 – AHS Sophomore Tours (Will give more details later)
  • Feb. 15 – College credit paperwork and fees due
  • March 4 – 6 – BPA State Contest
  • March 8 – End of Third nine weeks
  • March 18 – 22 – Spring Break
  • March 29 – No School (AHS does not have school either)
  • April 1 – No School (AHS does not have school either)
  • May 8 – 11 – National BPA Contest
  • May 17 – Last day of class

Just a reminder that you are required to come to class on all days we have class even if your high school does not have class.  One of those days for AHS students is Friday, March 15.  If you have great attendance though, you would be able to not come that day and probably not have problems later unless you start missing excessively.  If you have attendance issues by that date though, you will need to come to class that day.

If you would like to print any samples of your work to post on the wall, please let me know and I’ll help you print approved projects.

Quote:  Every success is built on the ability to do better than good enough.