We have finished our first full week of class this semester (except those who were absent for SLC, basketball, ACT test, yearbook, etc.).  Spring is always such a busy time of year!  Please be sure to submit a leave request prior to the time you are absent or tardy or leave early.  Thank you for those who completed the leave requests in advance this week!  If you were absent any day, remember to complete a blog post for that day. Thank you to those who completed the blog post in advance or before returning to class!

You will have a quiz today over the information I emailed you Monday regarding raster and vector graphics and file formats.  You will not be able to use any resources or materials (including cell phone) while taking the quiz.  You will put the quiz in the tray immediately when you have finished.

If you created the poster and admission ticket for the BCS championship game, please print a copy of each and put them in sheet protectors and place them in your Professional Development Planners in an appropriate section.  If you have questions, please ask.

If you completed the BCS Championship poster and ticket and/or Lynda.com lessons this week and have added those new projects and lessons to your website, you may work on a project today.  You need to email me a description of the project at the beginning of class.  If you didn’t complete any new work to add to your website this week then you need to continue working on lessons.

Congratulations to the AHS basketball teams on their wins yesterday and good luck today!!

Be sure to submit your time sheet after clocking out today.  Be sure to indicate what assignments and projects you have added to your website this week.

Quote:  TGIF – Thank Goodness It’s Friday