If you will be gone tomorrow with the Superintendent’s Leadership Class on Wednesday, please submit a leave request today (if you haven’t already).

This morning I will have a conference call starting at 9:30 am.  I will be in my office but may not be able to answer questions until the call is over.

On Wednesday morning sophomores from Waynoka and Burlington will be here touring our school.  I will have two groups tour my room at approximately 9:22 – 9:42 am and 9:44 – 10:04 am.  You might want to bring headphones and/or music if you aren’t listening to Lynda.com tutorials since it may be a little annoying to hear the same information two times in a row!

If you miss class for any reason, create a blog post for the day(s) missed.  You do not have to explain the reason for the absence but just put the date and then “Absent from class” as the post.

The Otha Grimes scholarship is usually offered twice a year to students who might not qualify for other financial aid.  Scholarships are to be used for expenses that directly relate to a student attending a technology center class. Allowable expenses include: tuition, books, uniforms, conference registration fees, software, school supplies, childcare, if not paid by another source.  Half-time students may apply for up to $250.  The scholarship application is available on the NWTC website at http://www.nwtech.edu/finaid.htm.  The application is due to Mrs. Koehn by Friday, January 11, 2013.

Each year a portion of the monies raised by the Northwest Technology Center (NWTC) Foundation will go to support scholarships for deserving students. This financial assistance may be used for books, tuition, and other educational costs. The Foundation Scholarship committee assists in the establishment of scholarships and the selection of the recipients.  Either adult or secondary students (who have a need for the scholarship…i.e. fee for certification test, uniforms, software, etc.)  may apply for the scholarships.   They will be selected by a committee separate from the NWTC Foundation and will be presented at each campus in late February or early March.   Students will be notified either way by letter.   Those receiving awards will need to dress professionally for the presentation. Completing and returning the application posted on the school website (http://www.nwtech.edu/finaid.htm) allows the student to be considered for all awards.  Last year, the NWTC Foundation gave out around $4000 to our students between the two campuses.  If you have questions about the NWTC Foundation scholarship application, please ask me or Mrs. Barton.  Scholarship applications are due to the front office by February 1, 2013.

Good luck to the AHS basketball teams tonight!

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