Wow!  Short week!  You will need to work on whatever you sent me as your goals for the week whether that was training or the National Football Championship game poster and ticket designs.

Yesterday I came across some examples of posters related to sports in which you might find some inspiration (some posters are included in more than one of the sites):

Congratulations (a little late) to Jayna Hadwiger and Reygan Martin for being named Rotary Students of the Month!

If you plan on working on new Photoshop or Illustrator lessons this semester (starting next week) and you haven’t downloaded the exercise files yet, you should start that download first thing today in order to get the download completed before you leave.  Some of those exercise files are very large and take a while.  If you have questions, please ask.

Western Farmers Electric Cooperative has launched a new program promoting Geothermal Technology.  The program itself is a video scholarship contest that will give away over $60,000 in scholarships and grants to high school students and schools across the state of Oklahoma along with parts of Kansas, Texas, and New Mexico.  The goal of the video program is for students to create a short video promoting Geothermal Technology using the seven key message themes that Western Farmers Electric Cooperative provides.  For more information about the video scholarship contest, visit

Short week but remember to turn in your time sheets today after you clock out.  Indicate either by writing on the time sheet or printing out what completed assignments and/or projects you have added to your website these past two days!

Quote:  Well done is better than well said.  ~ Benjamin Franklin