Be sure to email me your goals for the week.  This week you will be working on training.  Include in the email the specific course as well as the lessons you will be working on.

When I return your time management forms, if you have questions about the grade please ask.  If points were deducted on the goal of the week, it may be due to not having the course name as well as lessons you planned on completing. If you received a zero for the goal and you think you sent me a goal, you may forward it to be and I will give you the points. If points were deducted on the work habits, it may be due to a tardy or leave early or not being on task the entire time.  If points were deducted from the blog entry, it may be due to not having links to your work or screen shots of your work or a complete description of the skills or tasks you learned or used.  If have questions, ask me.

The ACT Prep Workshop here at NW Tech is this Wednesday, December 5, from 9:00 am -12:00 pm. If you have not registered but would like to attend, please visit with Mrs. Koehn.

Check out the design Megan created for the holiday season…

One of the questions Friday was how to put pictures inside a heart shape.  Check out the tutorial at to learn how to create a clipping mask.  Keep in mind if you have multiple layers of photos that you are wanting to put inside a heart, you would probably need to merge those layers or flatten the image before adding the shape layer to be used as a clipping mask.

Next semester first year students (and second year if they want) will be working on projects for a mock business of your choice.  You will have similar assignments to the food related business projects.  Mrs. Long’s class is getting started on their mock business assignments.  Check out the logos they have created (they are included in Mrs. Long’s blog post from last Friday) –

Only 15 school days until Christmas break 🙂

Quote:  I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. ~ Jewish proverb