Think your social media actions are only seen by your “friends”?  Check out the “Social media and college admissions” info graphic below…

Social Media and College Admissions
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Continue working on your lessons today or the assigned projects.  If you wish to work on a project Friday instead of assignments, email me today and let me know what you would like to work on.

If you are looking for Illustrator tutorials or ideas, check out the Creative Bloq entry “75 awesome ideas to try today!”.

While in class you should be doing work for my class.  If you wish to work on assignments from another class for some reason (such as you don’t have internet at home or the desired software), you need to ask permission.

Next time you design a letterhead, keep in mind the 10 tips revealed in the Creativebloq post “Designing a stunning letterhead: 10 expert tips“.

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