Be sure to email me your goals for the week.  I will be gone to a meeting on Tuesday.  Mrs. Jordan will be my substitute.  If you have questions about what to work on while I am gone, please ask me today.  On Tuesday (tomorrow)  EmmaRae, Conner W., Brieanna, Connor C. and Matt need to meet with Mrs. Koehn at 2 pm (or when you get here) in Training Room A to discuss your responsibilities during the 6th grade Career Fair that will be held on November 16.  All students except first year students need to work on video training or approved projects.

All first year students will start projects for a restaurant/food-related business this week.  You will be the graphic designer for a new business.  You will be determining the name and type of restaurant/food-related business before starting on the logo design for the business.    If you did not already email me the name of your business along with a brief description of the types of food you will be specializing in, please do so today.  You need to create a logo for your business.  Your logo needs to be created in Photoshop.  Use the custom dimensions of 2 inches x 2 inches with 200 ppi resolution for your logo.  If you were creating a logo for a real business you would need to create the logo in a vector graphic format (Illustrator is a common vector program) so the logo could be resized easily and not lose any quality.  Since many of you have not learned how to use Illustrator yet, you will be creating your designs in Photoshop.  Be sure to post your logo on your website and on your blog.  Include in your blog entry the logic behind your design as well as the names of the fonts used and the resources for any graphics you used.

For information and hints on creating logos, you may refer to the following:

Chapter 6 – Logos of the Robin Williams Design Workshop Second Edition text has lots of valuable information about logos.  The information on pages 87 through 102 will be very helpful and have lots of design inspiration ideas!

The following are just a sample of some logos designed for restaurants:



Smashing Magazine website has a blog entry entitled “Vital Tips for Effective Logo Design” that will be helpful – . The same site also has a blog entry entitled “10 Common Mistakes in Logo Design“ –

Tanner L has created a blog entry that you may find helpful –  Thank you Tanner!

You may check out for inspiration and tips.

You may also want to refer to a page of my blog from last year ( which has various websites that may be useful when deciding on a color scheme.

After completing the logo, design a letterhead for the business.  Letterheads should be created in Photoshop using 8.5″ x 11″ dimensions with 200 resolution.  Again, letterheads should be created in a vector program like Illustrator but since you have not used Illustrator yet, you will create the project using Photoshop.

The letterhead needs to include at minimum the following:

  • Name of business
  • Logo
  • Address (including street address, city, state, and zip code)
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • URL of website

Chapter 7 of “Robin Williams Design Workshop Second Edition” text has great information about jazzing up letterhead, envelopes, and business cards.  Do NOT just center information at the top and/or bottom of your projects and call that your design.  I am looking for something cool and dynamic!  Be sure to use the resources provided for inspiration.  Chapter 8 of “The Non-Designer’s Design & Type Books” has some great information about making dynamic letterheads and business cards as well as other materials.

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