Everyone has the same project assignment today.  I realize not everyone has a Facebook page or account; however, your assignment is to design a cover photo as well as a profile pic that is included as part of the lower left corner overlapping the cover photo.  If you need some inspiration for this project, check out “30 Examples of Creative Facebook Timeline Covers” by Vandelay Design.

The following is basic information you need to set up these two files (one for profile pic and one for cover pic).  Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.  You can Google Facebook cover photo and get more information if you need it.  The profile pic that overlaps the cover photo is 160 pixels by 160 pixels.  More information about that is available by clicking here.

Don’t have a Facebook page?  Creative a cover and profile pic for another company or organization.  Ask me for help with topics or approval possibly.

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