Through a Cooperative Alliance Agreement with Northern Oklahoma College (NOC) high school and adult students may earn college credit for courses taken at Northwest Technology Center and apply that credit toward an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree.  The credit earned through Digital Design would apply towards the Information Technology: Web Development Option or Interactive Media Option of Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree available through NOC.  If you wish to transfer that credit from NOC to another college or university, it is up to that college or university to determine if they will accept and give credit for those hours earned through NOC.

Individuals enrolling in a Cooperative Alliance will save on:

  • college expenses
  • avoid course duplication from high school to college
  • shorten the time needed to earn a college degree
  • earn college credit for approved Northwest Tech courses
  • transition easily from high school to college and on into a career

Students wanting to enroll in the cooperative alliance and receive college credit need to meet the following requirements:

High School Students

  • Only high school Juniors or Seniors (not Sophomores) who meet one of the following criteria will be able to enroll for Cooperative Agreement Credit:
    • Score 19 on ACT
    • Score 15 on PLAN
    • Have a high school GPA of at least a 2.5
  • A parent or guardian must sign a statement of understanding.
  • High school students must submit a high school transcript at time of enrollment.
  • High school students must submit a copy of ACT Plan or ACT test scores (if HS GPA is below a 2.5) at time of enrollment
  • High school students will now get a college transcript immediately after they complete the semester and their grades are turned in to the college.
  • High school students will receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, etc.).
  • Students must pay $8 per credit hour.
  • High school students must submit an enrollment form signed by instructor which specifies the courses students are eligible to enroll in

Adult Students

  • Adult students must submit an enrollment form signed by instructor which specifies the courses students are eligible to enroll in
  • Adult students must pay $8 per credit hour
  • Adult students must sign Adult Statement of Understanding
  • Adult students must submit an “official” transcript from any colleges they have previously attended

Some courses which you may possibly be able to enroll in as well as the required Brainbench certifications are:

  • Fundamentals of Technology – Brainbench Computer Fundamentals and Computer Literacy
  • Multimedia and Image Management Techniques – Brainbench Adobe Photoshop
  • Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design – Brainbench Adobe InDesign
  • Digital Editing and Production Photography – Brainbench Adobe Photoshop
  • Fundamentals of Web Design – Brainbench HTML, CSS, and/or XHTML
  • Design Tools & Electronic Marketing – Brainbench Web Design Concepts and Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Advanced Design Techniques – Brainbench Web Design for Accessibility and Adobe Dreamweaver or CSS

If you are interested in receiving college credit through the cooperative alliance, please send me an email by Tuesday, October 9, so I can discuss with you individually the options available for you.  Deadline for paperwork and fees ($8 per credit hour which totals $24 per individual course) are due next Wednesday, October 17, for those eligible.  Enrollment will also be available for the spring semester; therefore, if you do not enroll this semester, there is the possibility you could enroll next semester.