By tomorrow you need to completed the following:

  • Brainbench Computer Fundamentals (Mac OS X 10.4)
  • Brainbench Computer Fundamentals (Win 7)
  • Brainbench Computer Literacy (Win 7)
  • 10 samples of work with descriptions put in sheet protectors and placed in Work Samples section of Professional Development Planner

If you have completed all of the above, you can continue working on your curriculum ( and/or approved projects.  If you are a second or third year student, please check with me to see what certifications you need to take.  I will email you the grading scale for the Brainbench exams.  Regarding first year students who took the three tests listed above, I will include the best grade in your first semester average.

Just a reminder that after 3 absences (or combination of absences, tardies, and/or leave earlies)  I will have a conference with you about your attendance.

An interesting tidbit of information for today… Gmail (Google mail) can now search inside PDF, Word, and PowerPoint attachments in addition to the HTML,  subject line and body of emails.  The entire article is available at

The following poll is for Mrs. Frascht’s students only!  Please only vote once and only if you are a student in Mrs. Frascht’s Digital Design class!


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