AHS Seniors will be taking ASVAB test tomorrow at AHS.  If you will be at AHS taking this test, please submit a leave request form (from my blog menu) today.

If you only took one of the three Brainbench exams yesterday, please take another one today. I know the tests may be difficult but it is a requirement from our CareerTech state department.  If you did not earn a 2.75 or above, you will be allowed to retake the exams at a later date.   You will also continue working on printing the 10 work samples to place in the sheet protectors in the Work Samples section of your Professional Development Planner.  If you have completed all required Brainbench exams and printed your work samples, then you can continue with your Lynda.com training.

Quote:  You don’t need anyone else’s permission to create. Green-light yourself and get to work. ~ Charlie Todd