Today we will be finishing up t-shirts for those who want to print your designs and create the t-shirt.  Morning students could possibly finish on Friday but many of the afternoon students will not be here Friday due to AHS Homecoming (Go Goldbugs!)  Ask me for help before trying to send to any printer!

If today is your last day of the week (due to Homecoming parade), submit your time sheets after you clock out today.

If you have an iPhone and like working with photos check out this article on apps for the iPhone – If you missed out on Megan’s blog entry about iPhone apps, you should read it also-  Thanks Megan for the great information.

Are you a fan of Pinterest?  If you are and you also like graphic design, check out this article on 10 Pinterest Pages for Design Inspiration –  Don’t spend too much time on Pinterest here though because Mrs. Weder tracks your usage of it and Facebook 🙂

Do you follow or like great graphic and web design  sites on Twitter or Facebook that has frequent posts of resources that would be beneficial to the rest of us?  If so, please share those resources with me!  Just send me an email with the information as well as why you think it is helpful or beneficial.

Quote:  We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn. ~ Mary Catherine Bateson