Great job Goldbugs on your win Friday night!!  Way to go!

Be sure to email me your goal for the week.  The goal needs to realistic and very detailed.  If you aren’t sure what I expect, please ask me.  Today and tomorrow you will be working on assignments or end of chapter  projects.  Give me the details as to what course, chapter, and lessons.  Wednesday you will attend the Career Center.  Wednesday and Thursday we can print your t-shirt designs and complete the t-shirts.  If you have questions about the t-shirt design or project, please ask.  Friday some of you will be here but some will be DCA for the AHS Homecoming Parade.

Mrs. Barton, our Marketing and Communications Director, is looking for a little help.   The AHS Homecoming Parade is on Friday, September 21 at 2 pm.   If any of you would like to walk along side our float during the parade, please let Mrs. Barton know.  She will need you to meet her at Marshall’s Funeral Home at 1:45 pm.  You need to wear your NWTC shirt.   She will have bags of candy to pass out.  The NWOSU Homecoming Parade is Saturday, October 13th at 10 am.  If you would like to walk beside the float during that parade, please let her know.  She will need you to meet at Marshall’s Funeral Home at 9:30 am.   You will need to wear the NWTC shirt.  If you do not walk to walk with the Northwest Tech float during either parade, that is fine also.

Want to know more about the use of color with web design?  Check out this resource…

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