We have made it to another Friday!  Be sure to put your time sheets in the tray today after clocking out.

Just to let you know…. my email address is tfrascht@nwtech.edu.  If you have sent me something to any other email address, you will need to go to your “sent” folder and “forward” it to me at this address.  Ask me if you have questions.

We have upgraded to the Mac OS X Mountain Lion software so you may notice some differences from the Mac OX X Lion software we have been using.

As a reminder of our attendance policy which is new this year, I have posted the policy for adults and for high school students under the appropriate menus at the top of this blog.  Be sure to ask me if you have questions about the policy.  After your third absence (every three tardies and/or leave earlies constitutes one absence), I will have a conference with you.  Major change this year…. after the 9th absence you will not be allowed to enroll for the next semester.  If you have questions and/or concerns, we can visit with Mr. Slater about it.

You may use today as a “project day” if you wish.  What that means is, if you do not want to work on your assignments, you can email me a description of an appropriate project you will be working on.  Not sure what constitutes “appropriate”, ask me!  Some ideas would be drawing with the drawing tablet, designing a tshirt that could be used at a later date, designing a mouse pad that could be used at a later date, editing photos, etc.  Next Friday, September 21, is AHS Homecoming.  I will provide one tshirt for you next week if you want to create a tshirt design.  If you are interested in that as a project, please ask me about details.  Be sure to email me a description before you get started on the project (not at end of period).

Have you experimented with the default Photoshop brushes?  Looking to use some more “exciting” brushes?  Check out the Brusheezy website – http://www.brusheezy.com/brushes.  I can show you how to download brushes and make them available in Photoshop.  Your assignment today is to download at least one new brush set and experiment with creating a graphic using the brush(es).

I usually suggest dafont.com when students are tired of the preinstalled fonts on their computer and wanting to download free fonts.  I came across this post from Creative Blog on Facebook today – http://www.creativebloq.com/typography/download-free-fonts-resources-912696.  It has several sites listed where you can download fonts…not all are free though.

Quote:  Ability is nothing without opportunity.